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The tendency of the recent years on the European construction market has been about the return to the wood usage for buildings to the prejudice of the brick or the ferro-concrete ones.

The specialists were concerned to build economically, long-lasting and to assure great thermal comfort at the smallest prices.
The concept of healthy living correlated with the major energy saving concern have led to the choice of an appreciated univocal constructed system: modulation houses with a wooden structure (known in Europe as the Timber Frame Houses in Great Britain, Maison Osature Bois in France, Holzrahmenbau in Germany and Case in legno in Italy )

Knowing the advantages and the great variety of projects and types of wooden houses as well as the tendency of using bio-construction techniques, our firm has decided to try a large variety in the domain of wooden buildings, starting with permanent wooden dwellings, rest houses, wooden attics, small garden houses, towers, wooden frameworks …to offering advice and logistic support, no matter the financial matter you’ve chosen- First House, a credit guaranteed by mortgage, a personal budget for dwellings…
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